Possibly a possum, and one of dubious lineage at that. Elephants do not, of course, need personal organisers due to their famously long memories. The memory capacity of the elephant can easily be explained thus; the brain is, in common parlance, often referred to as ‘grey matter’. Elephants are indisputably grey and definitely matter. Elephants matter from an ecological standpoint, and are also very important to artists. If elephants didn’t use so much of it, there would be far too much grey floating around in the world and not enough room for the other colours, so art would be monotonous.

Indeed, elephants matter so much that, with all that matter in one place, they cause some interesting gravitational effects. It is quite common to see flies, mosquitoes and even the occasional small bird circling an elephant as, venturing too close, they have become trapped in its gravity well and are doomed to orbit there forever and ever and ever and ever unless a zebra shows up*.

Zebra faceZebra are an intersting anomaly. They are, of course, pure white but, being four dimensional beings, they appear only partially in our three dimensional version of reality, the ‘missing’ bits showing up as black. The black is actually the void of emptiness, nothingness between the dimensions. A place so empty that not even nothing exists there. A place where there is no place at a time when there is no time. Nothing. No thing. Not even nothing, just the endless, beginningless waves of infinite possibilities, gently oscillating.

* The disturbance of the space/time continuum caused by a passing zebra is often enough to disrupt an elephant’s gravity field sufficiently to throw its living moons out of orbit. Many will trace parabolic trajectories, falling to earth at some point behind the zebra, frequently landing in a pile of dung. Such is life.


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