Inspired by the work of Gill Edwards. Core beliefs for a more empowered, joyful life.

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Core beliefs: I love and accept myself as I am Core beliefs: I see the best in everyone and everything Core beliefs: My body is my friend Core beliefs: I deserve to be happy and loved Core beliefs: I am a necessary and important part of Divine intelligence Core beliefs: I expect the best to happen Core beliefs: I forgive myself for all the choices I have made

Core beliefs: I am in charge of my own life Core beliefs: My needs are as important as anyone else's Core beliefs: I can trust other people Core beliefs: The universe is friendly and loving Core beliefs: I welcome growth and change in my life Core beliefs: I am divinely guided in every moment Core beliefs: I forgive everyone for all the bad things that have happened

Core beliefs: I am safe in the world Core beliefs: There is plenty of time Core beliefs: I trust my body to heal itself Core beliefs: My life is unfolding perfectly Core beliefs: I am authentic and true to myself in my relationships Core beliefs: I take 100% responsibility for my life

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