Images FAQ

Can I share the images?



Yes, please do – they’re made for sharing. Feel free to share them however you wish as long as you’re using them ‘as is’  (as in keeping the tag intact and not modifying them).

SeascapeLandscapes, seascapes etc

Yes, if you’d like to share them on Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr etc, please do – again please leave the tags intact and, if possible, a credit and/or link back is always appreciated – thanks!

Can I use the images in my blog?

Yes, all of them, but please include a credit and/or a link back to this site – thanks!

Can I modify the images /
Can I use them commercially?

Depends. Please contact me and tell me what you’d like to use it/them for. I might ask for a credit or a link, I might ask for payment, or I might just say yes! Really depends on the size, intention and budget of your project. Ask me – I don’t bite!

Need a bigger version? The originals are either 3264x2448px or 4608x3456px – I can supply an unedited original (but not RAW) image if you need it.


Guest blogging?

Yes, I do sometimes write guest posts – usually in the areas of personal and spiritual development, self-improvement, authenticity and raising global consciousness. If you’re looking for guest writers and you like what I’m doing here, or elsewhere, please drop me a line.


What else do I do?

Well the majority of what most people might call ‘work’ happens at and – although, as I’m currently in the process of rebuilding and merging those two sites, I’m more active on Facebook than anywhere else right now.

Where to find me?

You’ll find me on Facebook (lots), Pinterest (some), Twitter (not so much) and YouTube (mostly gets shared on the website and/or Facebook, but you can subscribe to the WildBliss channel).

Have a click of those little icons right below this, where it says ‘follow me’ – that’ll find me!

Want to buy me coffee?

Buy me coffee? Thanks!

Well thank you! Yes, if you like my work and you’d to show your appreciation by buying me a coffee, dinner, or a new iPhone for that matter, then I’ll gladly accept and say thank you very much!

Just play with the slider below to choose the amount you’d like to send and hit Donate – cheers!