The Journey HomeThere is a way. There is a journey to be taken. There are many paths but only one way. There are many signs that point to the way but you must follow your own path. Many will help you along the way but none will make you go. You must decide. You must choose. There are many roads, some less traveled, some better defined – you must choose your own.

When you start to see the way you may recognise it for what it is and you may not. Follow it anyway. There are no wrong turns along the way, all paths, all obstacles, all the twists and turns, mires and mountains, all have their purpose. All paths lead to the way. You may stop, you may get stuck, you may not know which way to turn. Turn anyway. You will always come back to the way.

Some will see the way clearly, some will talk of it, others will deny its existence, but all will find the way eventually. There is only one way. There is only the way. You may choose to follow the way, you may wait. No one can tell you when, you will know when. The way is always there for you when you choose to look.

The way may look too difficult, too arduous, too distant. You may be looking in the wrong direction. The way is here, it is now, in this moment, in this moment. When would now be a good time to look for the way? There is no other time, there is no other way. It is not too late. It is not too early. It is now. It is here.

Where are you? You are here, where else would you be? What time is it? It is now, what other time could it be? When would now be a good time to begin? When would here be a good place to start?

Welcome home, you are already here.


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