As with much of what I do, it’s a play on words and images, born of the love of language and a lifelong passion of tinkering with all things visual.

Wild, as in life, Wild as in free, unfettered, uncensored and Wild as in unashamedly joyful.

Bits as in pieces and Bits as in Bytes and pixels. A bit of this and a bit of that.
compassed - a collection of bits and pieces

And why now?

A willingness to be seen I guess, and a desire to share what I do with a lot more people – like you! And besides, I’ve owned this domain for a year or three, always meaning to do something with it, and thought it was about time really. It was once to be home to my graphic and web design business, but I’ve realised I don’t want a design business any more. I love to design, but I have other things I want to do that bring me far more joy.

And I’ve always taken photographs and produced bits of arty, designery loveliness, and the occasional writing – and mostly about three people get to see this stuff; I thought it was time I shared a bit more! So here it all is – well not all of it yet, it’ll be updated regularly, the pictures especially – and hopefully there might be something here to brighten your day.

So have a browse around and if you find something you like then please feel free to use it or share it in whatever way seems joyful  – Pin it, Share it, Blog it or just print it and stick it on the fridge! If you’re wanting to use the images for something commercial please check out the notes on the Something page, other than that, pretty much anything goes!

If in doubt, or you have requests, you can always email me – otherwise, just EnJOY!

~ IanB


It’s all for sharing so, if you like this, please do…

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